About Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is here to drive the UK economy through the practical application of digital innovation and culture. We do this to make UK businesses more competitive, more productive and to drive regional growth.

How do they do that?

Digital Catapult helps UK companies win at home, and on the global stage. A national strategy delivered locally.

We do this by focusing on sectors with the most untapped potential to deliver future economic growth, where digital innovation can make the greatest impact, to increase productivity, efficiency and scale. Digital Catapult currently focuses on two sectors, digital manufacturing and creative industries. In addition it is exploring opportunities in digital health and care.

We believe in tangible innovation to deliver transformation and growth through the use of digital. That is why we have identified four key drivers that we believe can positively disrupt business models, create competitive advantage and deliver superior experience for customers.

Digital Catapult works across a range of technology layers:

Data-driven: new ways to work with personal data with more control and trust, applications of blockchain and smart contracts, cybersecurity particularly for emergent threats


Connected: the Internet of Things and associated enabling networking technologies such as Low-Powered Wide-Area networks and 5G


Intelligent: artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning



Immersive: augmented, virtual and mixed realities, and related new forms of human interface


By applying business and technology know-how to the new commercial opportunities unlocked through Digital Catapult’s programmes and collaborations, new markets and opportunities can be created for UK digital companies.

Through the Digital Catapult’s work with organisations across the digital landscape, it is uniquely placed to help Government implement digital policies and identify policy needs in emerging technologies.

Digital Catapult makes innovation happen by removing barriers to growth faced by businesses.

How does it do that?

Our interventions range from those that impact at sector level, to that are relevant to groups of companies in a sector and those that have a direct impact on individual companies. They include:

  • Building, coordinating and increasing access to large scale tests beds
  • Driving engagement between small companies and large companies
  • UK, EU or International Collaborative Research & Development projects
  • Accelerating the growth of markets by supporting ecosystems and helping exports
  • Development of standards
  • Building prototypes, testing feasibility of technologies
  • Helping large companies become more efficient through the introduction of digital innovation
  • Providing access to facilities, skills and space

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